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Four Arrested Following Pioneer Square Shooting and Vehicle Pursuit

Police are investigating after a Pioneer Square shooting and vehicle pursuit led to the arrest of four people.

A nightclub employee called 911 to report that multiple people were involved in a fight outside the club. The employee updated dispatchers that someone had fired multiple shots and was now attempting to leave in a vehicle.

Officers responding to the call spotted the suspect’s vehicle attempting to leave the area. Police pursued the driver, to 21st Avenue and Yesler Way where he crashed. Two of the vehicle’s occupants fled, leaving behind two passengers. Officers eventually located both of the suspects who ran and placed all four individuals in the car under arrest.

Police searched the vehicle and found three firearms and multiple spent shell casings in the suspect’s vehicle. The two individuals who fled were booked into jail, one for a firearms offense and the other for a warrant. The two people who remained at the scene of the crash were released after being interviewed by detectives.

Police have not received any reports of anyone being injured in the shooting.