ATM Thieves Arrested After Failed Withdrawal

Police arrested three men Monday morning after they attempted to steal an ATM from Queen Anne Grocery Market.

Witnesses called 911 at 4 AM Monday to report people breaking into a supermarket in the 2400 block of 6th Avenue West.

Officers arrived but, according to witnesses, the suspects had already left the scene in a van but left behind a shattered glass door and a destroyed ATM. Additional officers coming into the area spotted the van and were able to get it stopped. Police arrested three men — 39, 52, and 56-years-old — who were inside the van after confirming they were all at the grocery store by watching a surveillance video from the store.

Police impounded the suspect’s van which contained pieces of the damaged ATM, a metal chain, a jacket with the word “Police” on the back, as well as a watermelon in the driver’s footwell.

Officers booked all three men into King County Jail for investigation of burglary.