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Police Arrest Woman Brandishing Handgun in Capitol Hill

Police arrested a woman in Capitol Hill on Saturday afternoon after she brandished a handgun in the middle of an intersection.

Just after 12:30 p.m., multiple callers reported a woman yelling and causing a disturbance at 14th Avenue and East Union Street. The woman appeared to be in crisis; she had blocked the intersection with her vehicle and was walking in the street and directing traffic. At 1:15 p.m., 911 call takers received an update that the woman was holding a handgun and waving it in the air.

Crisis intervention-trained officers responded and started a conversation with the woman, eventually convincing her to place the gun in her car before approaching police. The woman was agitated and upset, but officers continued speaking with her and persuaded her to remove the two fanny packs she was wearing before safely taking her into custody. Police seized the loaded gun and a box of ammunition from the car and recovered a second handgun from one of the packs.

Officers booked the 38-year-old woman into King County Jail for unlawful use of weapons to intimidate.