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Wednesday – October 6, 2021

#2021-263977/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-06-2021 @ 0138 hours, officers were dispatched to an assault in the Lake City Neighborhood. Officers arrived and located the victim, but the suspect was gone. The victim had a laceration on the top of his head and a puncture wound on his right forearm. The victim was unable to provide many details on the incident and the caller did not want police contact.

#2021-263970/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-06-2021 at 0218 hours, officers responded to a hospital ER for a report of a female refusing treatment and refusing to leave the ER. She was found to have active warrants and still refused to leave the ER. Officers arrested the suspect for her warrants, and she attempted to bite one officer on the arm during the arrest process. The officer was able to move their arm away from the bite without being injured. Hazard report completed.

#2021-264176/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 10-06-2021 at 0828 hours, a male gunshot wound victim walked into Swedish Ballard. It is highly likely this male is the outstanding suspect from 2021-264121. Confirmation was not possible at the time of this writing. The male was positively identified. Homicide screened.

#2021-264200/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 10-06-2021 at 0855 hours, officers responded to a reported robbery in the Rainier Valley. Officers contacted the victim and he reported that just after using the bank ATM he was approached by an unknown male suspect that pointed a handgun at him, demanding money. The victim yelled out and ran from the suspect. The suspect fled from the commotion caused by the victim. Officers conducted an extensive search for the suspect but did not located him. Robbery detectives were notified.

#2021-264208/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 10-06-2021 at 0912 hours, a Bartell’s employee at 400 S Jackson saw a male looking in the windows and recognized him as a prolific shoplifter. She went to close the front doors to prevent him from entering but he forced his way in and immediately started filling his bag full of Red Bulls. The suspect continued up and down aisles filling his bag with other items. The store manager contacted the suspect only to be deterred by the knife in the suspect’s hand. Officers arrived on scene and chased the suspect into the transit tunnel and were able to get him to drop the knife and take him into custody. Suspect was transported to King County Jail via AMR. The prolific offender has been arrested or listed as a suspect eleven times in the last two months for crimes committed in Seattle.

#2021-264491/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-06-2021 at 1445 hours, officers responded to a male shoplifter that spat on an employee as he attempted to steal liquor from the QFC located at 4500 Wallingford Av N. After spitting on the employee, the suspect walked away from the store as officers arrived in the area. Officers located the suspect a block away and detained him. The victim employee positively identified the suspect. As officers were taking the suspect into custody, he became uncooperative and struggled to get away. The suspect kicked at the officers and struck one officer in the knee, and narrowly missed the other officer. The suspect was taken into custody and subsequently booked into King County Jail for assault. The victim officer was treated at NW Hospital. This incident was screened by Lt.