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Thursday – October 14, 2021

#2021-271763/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 10-14-2021 at 0458 hours, the complainant called 911 from Texas and said that her friend sent a text last night saying that he was suicidal. The complainant also reported that the subject video chatted with her, and he was holding a gun to his head. The complainant didn’t have an address for the possible suicidal subject. At 0505, the subject called 911 to report that he just moved here from New York, and lives with his parents. The subject said he was sitting on his bed with a gun and knife. Officers arrived and contacted the subject on the phone. The subject refused to give any information about his parents or his address. Hostage Negotiation Team responded to the scene. Dispatch was unable to trace the phone. The subject kept changing his story and refused to give any information about his location. Dispatch contacted Albany NY and attempted to get additional information on the subject, but the attempt wasn’t successful. The original complainant was called a couple of times, but all the calls went to voicemail.

#2021-272121/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-14-2021 at 1310 hours, a suspect entered a bank, pointed a handgun at the victim teller, then presented a note demanding money. The victim teller complied, and the suspect left on foot. This suspect matches the description of a pattern bank robbery suspect that has hit three times since Friday October 8th. See SPD 2021-266339 and KCPD C21032350.

#2021-272073/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-14-2021 at 1313 hours, a victim showed up at Harborview Medical Center (HMC) with a gunshot wound (GSW) to his lower lip. Due to his condition, it was difficult to get details of the incident from him. The victim stated that he was in the area of 12 Av S and S Jackson St sitting in his vehicle when the suspect approached him. The suspect fired one shot that caused the injury. An associate of the victim drove him to HMC. Staff stated that it was a non-life- threatening injury. No scene could be located.

#2021-272132/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-14-2021 at 1323 hours, multiple callers reported a shooting near the intersection of 36 Av S/S Adams St. SPD and Seattle Fire staged nearby. Upon clearing the scene, it was discovered that both victim and suspect had fled, with the victim reportedly heading toward the hospital. A short time later, officers were called for a gunshot wound (GSW) victim at an area hospital. Victim was treated for a GSW to their lower abdomen. Gun Violence Reduction Unit notified of the incident. At this time there is no suspect information.

#2021-272379/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-14-2021 at 1837 hours, the subject called 911 to report she was suicidal and was going to kill herself by jumping out of a window or cutting her wrists. Officers learned via previous reports she had already attempted suicide by cop using knives. We spoke to the subject via phone in an attempt to de-escalate her and not provoke a confrontation. During our phone conversation, she threatened to make us kill her and said she had two machetes she would attack us with. After a few hours of speaking to her, it was determined she was alone in her apartment, did not have access to additional victims and did not want to harm anyone but herself. We provided her with the crisis line information, 911 and offered to give her a ride to Harborview Medical Center via AMR. She refused all of the above. We left the scene so as not to provoke a confrontation and documented the incident. A hazard report was completed, and the CD was notified.

#2021-272528/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-14-2021 at 2152 hours, officers responded to an apartment building for a report of a male outside who was brandishing a gun at a resident in the building. Officers went to contact the resident who was believed to be the victim and obtained his name from the desk agent. Upon knocking at the door, the “victim” asked who it was but did not open the door for police. One officer believed they may have heard a sound similar to a gun being racked but was unsure. An additional officer was reviewing the video of the incident at the desk and called back the contacting officers after observing the footage and realizing the “victim” was a primary aggressor. In the video the “victim” was seen pointing a pistol at another unknown male who was pointing his own pistol back. The “victim” was then seen grabbing the unknown male’s female associate and holding his gun to her head in a classic hostage taking position. The female was then released and both she and the unknown male left and never contacted police. Without the female victim, the only crime established was the known male in his apartment having a full extradition warrant out of California. Full perimeter containment was established. Additional evidence was reviewed to ensure the suspect was still in his apartment before attempting any further action. Prior to containment being established, while the primary officers were still figuring out what had actually occurred, the suspect managed to change his clothes and sneak out of his apartment without being detected. An area check was completed for the warrant suspect and the possible victims, but nobody was located.

#2021-272552/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-14-2021 at 2240 hours, officers on viewed a suspect passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle. When officers contacted the suspect, they noticed a revolver in the center console. Officers detained the suspect and obtained his consent to remove the firearm. The firearm was secured. The suspect was a convicted felon and was booked into King County Jail for the Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.

#2021-272587/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-14-2021 at 2354 hours, officers responded to report of a shooting with a male down in area of 11500 block of Stone Av N. Upon arrival, officers located male with gunshot would (GSW) to face lying in roadway. Officers called in Seattle Fire, who treated victim and transported him to Harborview Medical Center (HMC). Suspects were described as two males with female driver. All three suspects fled in an older grey Nissan Sentra southbound on Stone Av N. Suspects not located.