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Saturday – October 16, 2021

#2021-273995/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 10-16-2021 at 1041 hours, parents called about their adult son with mental health issues. He barricaded himself in a room with a large kitchen knife. The reason was possibly suicidal, paranoid or hallucinating. Family all differed on the reason. A language barrier slowed the discovery of motive. An arrest team was formed front and rear of the house. Containment set up and Hostage Negotiation Team called. After multiple attempts at contact, it was determined no crime existed and no imminent threat of harm existed, so the operation was demobilized. As resources left, the subject called his brother’s phone and began verbal negotiation. Subject was talked out without incident and transported to an area hospital for ITA via AMR.

#2021-274124/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-16-2021 (no time detailed in SIR) a photo studio in the Roosevelt neighborhood had multiple windows of its business vandalized. The suspect scratched into the glass large pentagrams and circles with a plus sign through the middle. The latter is apparently a symbol used by white supremacists. The owner thought this could be related to a recent incident in which a photographer from the studio was sent to Ballard High School to perform work. After arriving, it was determined the photographer hadn’t been vaccinated against Covid-19, which upset some people. The business later began receiving anonymous threats. The damage was photographed, and the watch commander was notified.

#2021-274233/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-16-2021 at 1615 hours, officers responded to a “Help the Firefighter” call at 3Av/Pine St. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the firefighters, who pointed out the suspect and stated he had pointed a firearm at them. Believing the firearm to be real, firefighters took cover behind the aid unit. Officers detained the suspect and recovered a realistic looking BB gun. A nearby security guard stated the suspect had threatened to kill him while manipulating a firearm in his pocket. Suspect was taken into custody for felony Harassment. During search incident to arrest, 85 M30 pills and cash were recovered from the suspect’s person.

#2021-274181/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-16-2021 at 1716 hours, officers responded to E Denny Way where they contacted the victim. The victim reported an unknown person knocked on her door after writing “KKK” in what appeared to be purple lipstick. The suspect then fled prior to the victim opening the door. The victim reported that they had no idea who would do this to them but reported they had heard of other residents in the building having similar things happen to them. One of the prior incidents was reported under 21-027781 where “white power” was written on multiple doors. The victim took a picture of the writing on her door and removed it prior to officers’ arrival. She provided the picture to officers who then uploaded it to The victim believes that she was targeted due to her race and believes the suspect or suspects are targeting the African American residents in the building due to their race. Bias alert email sent.

#2021-274452/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-16-2021 at 2031 hours, a victim reported that she was robbed at knifepoint in near the 8800 block of Delridge Way SW. The victim reported an unknown male strangled her from behind, punched her, and pointed a knife at her ribs while demanding her purse. The suspect used racially biased statements during the crime and the victim believes she was targeted because of her race. The suspect fled the scene on foot with the victim’s purse. Patrol units responded to the area and a K9 track was conducted, but the suspect was not located. A notification email sent.