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Monday – October 25, 2021

#2021-283416/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-25-2021 at 1342 hours, officers and Gun Violence Reduction Unit detectives responded to a shots-fired incident at Rainier/S Holden. The victim vehicle had been left at scene with bullet holes. The victim had fled and hid, but eventually resurfaced and spoke with police. The suspect (not located) may have been upset over a past incident involving the victim. No injuries were reported.

#2021-283548/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-25-2021 at 1633 hours, officers responded to a minor property damage/hit and run collision involving a Light Rail Vehicle. The LRV driver reported a car came speeding from the side, struck the LRV, and then fled the scene. Later in the investigation, the suspect driver was located. That driver claimed he was driving away from someone shooting at him. Damage to his vehicle was consistent with the subject’s story. No injuries reported. Limited information available concerning the reported shooting.

#2021-283653/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-25-2021 at 1819 hours, the complainant reported the following. He was in the area of Gasworks Park when he saw an unlicensed white van pull up next to an adult female and juvenile female. Subjects exited the van and the juvenile female ran to the complainant. The van’s occupants grabbed onto the two females and one struck the complainant in the back of the head with a baseball bat. All three were pulled into the van. After some time the complainant was able to escape from the van in the Madison Park area. The complainant had reported to SPD a very similar scenario about 1 month ago. He had no injuries to his head to corroborate the assault.

#2021-283681/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-25-2021 at 1904 hours, the victim had just arrived home and as he got out of the car, he heard gun shots. Victim hid then heard more shots. Suspect vehicle came from 48 Av S, then west on S Rose St, then fled north on 46 Av S. Six cars were struck, no people were struck. Evidence of a shooting was located but no suspects located.

#2021-283731/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-25-2021 at 2016 hours, a Dodge Charger was southbound on Airport Wy S at a high rate of speed. A UPS truck was turning to go north on Airport from Portland St. The Charger stuck the back of the truck and flipped over. It appears the driver of the Charger was partially ejected and sustained a major injury to his arm. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center for further medical treatment. Charger was impounded and a blood warrant was obtained.

#2021-283820/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-25-2021 at 2212 hours, a suspect called a massage parlor for a late night massage. Victim agreed to let suspect come to parlor. When suspect arrived victim put him in room to prepare for massage. Suspect emerged from room with gun in hand. Pointed gun at one victim and demanded money. The female victim gave suspect $500 then was able to call a friend who called 911. The male victim was still in the parlor. Suspect grabbed male victim, put gun to his head, and took $1500 out of his pocket. Suspect fled the scene, no one was injured. This was screened with Robbery.