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Thursday — November, 18, 2021

2021-305135/North Precinct/Second Watch

On 11/17/2021 at 12:04 pm, North Precinct officers spotted an occupied stolen vehicle in the 6300 block of W Greenlake Way North. The officers contacted the driver, took her into custody and detectives. The suspect admitted to stealing two vehicles and was booked into KCJ. 

2021-305562/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch

On 11/17/2021 at 8:43 pm, officers were on scene of a civil standby in the 8800 Block of 17 Avenue Southwest. The male subject involved in the standby call left the apartment with his belongings and walked to an alleyway, where he had presumably parked his vehicle. A few moments later an officer heard a vehicle quickly accelerate out of the alley and then heard approximately six gunshots. Officers conducted a search for damage and shell casings, but nothing was found. The possible suspect vehicle was not located. The female subject involved in the call refused to identify the possible suspect.

#2021-305583/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch

On 11/17/2021 at 9:01, officers responded to a gas station in the 8800 Block of 14th Avenue South for a reported armed carjacking. Officers learned four men armed with handguns had arrived at the gas station in a vehicle, jumped out and robbed the driver and passenger of another vehicle. One suspect pistol-whipped the passenger and fired multiple rounds. The suspects then stole the victim’s vehicle and fled southbound. Officers were unable to locate any damage or injuries from the gunfire.

#2021-306290/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 11-18-2021 at 1530 hours, a victim was crossing Columbia St on 1 AV with a walk signal. A black lowered Subaru was driving recklessly causing the pedestrians in the crosswalk to jump to avoid being struck. Victim continued to walk through the crosswalk frustrating the driver of the Subaru. The Subaru then turned onto 1 AV and pulled into the parking lane frightening the victim. The driver rolled his window down and began yelling racial insults to the victim. Eventually the suspect retrieved a partially filled container of motor oil and threw it at the victim striking her in her back. Victim declined Seattle Fire aid and complained of pain from the assault which appeared to be motivated by race.

#2021-306346/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 11-18-2021 at 1709 hours, King County Sheriffs Office requested assistance from SPD to attempt to locate a recently stolen vehicle with a 16-month old child still inside. (ref KCSO case number C21037016) At 1733hrs, 911 received multiple calls reporting a collision on Highland Park Way SW / SW Othello St. The involved vehicles were related to the KCSO incident. SPD and KCSO units responded, the suspect was taken into custody and the child was reunited with the father (one of the involved vehicles in the collision). SPD remained on scene and handled the collision investigation and provided traffic control. Highland Park Way SW was closed for approximately 30 minutes with intermittent traffic allowed through when feasible. KCSO handled the arrest and recovery as part of their investigation.

#2021-306458/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-18-2021 at 1944 hours, ongoing issues with a tenant in crisis [2200 blk NE 50 Street] have generated numerous 9-1-1 calls, response from the DCR, and referral to CRT. Previous disturbances include the subject driving projectiles into a neighboring apartment and reports a handgun might be in play. Officers responded to another disturbance tonight, determined the subject fled her apartment, and stood by until she returned. The subject was ultimately detained on an ITA and the DCR was advised. Officers secured and served a warrant on the apartment, and recovered two (2) handguns, ammunition, and hammers.

#2021-305567/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-18-2021 at 2210 hours, officers responded to a home invasion robbery in the 7900 Block of 8 AV SW. Upon arrival, officers learned two unknown males entered the victim’s residence armed with handguns and demanded money and jewelry from the husband and wife. The suspects gathered items and then fled the area on foot before getting into a vehicle. A search of the area was conducted, and the vehicle was not located. There were no injuries or shots fired during the incident.

#2021-306603/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-18-2021 at 2334 hours, officers were dispatched to an armed robbery at a marijuana dispensary in the Lake City area. According to the call, 3 armed suspects robbed the dispensary and then fled on foot. Officers arrived in the area and set up containment. A K-9 track was conducted, but the suspects were not located. Robbery was notified of the incident.

#2021-306605/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-18-2021 at 2336 hours, a victim was observed by witnesses boarding the Light Rail train at the SeaTac Station. The witnesses saw that the victim was bleeding badly and asked him if he needed help. The victim declined assistance and said that he was going to the SODO neighborhood in Seattle, and he thought he could make it. As the Light Rail train reached the Columbia City Station in South Seattle the victim was no longer able to maintain consciousness and the witnesses called 9-1-1. SPD officers responded to the Light Rail station and began providing aid to the victim, including a chest seal. Officers found that the victim was stabbed in the chest just above his heart. Seattle Fire responded and was able to immediately move the victim to a medical transport unit due to the medical aid that officers provided prior to their arrival. KCSO deputies responded to the scene and assumed primary as this occurred within their jurisdiction.