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Friday – December 10, 2021

#2021-325480/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-10-2021 at 0004 hours, an adult male victim was seated in his parked vehicle, near the intersection of 36th Ave S / S Adams St. The unknown suspect(s) approached the victim (likely on foot), fired multiple times into the vehicle, and then fled the scene. The victim was struck several times. A bystander, who heard the shooting, located the wounded victim and drove him to Harborview Medical Center (HMC), where he was treated and taken into surgery. Gun Violence Reduction Unit Detectives responded to HMC and the shooting scene. The victim vehicle was impounded. Detectives recovered evidence of a shooting at the scene. The incident was screened with the Homicide Unit.

#2021-325489/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-10-2021 at 0014 hours, officers responded to a shots fired call at 4200 block of S Willow. Upon arriving on scene, evidence of a shooting was located. No suspects or witnesses were located.

#2021-325586/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 12-10-2021 at 0600 hours, officers, Gun Violence Reduction Unit, Narcotics, and Robbery assisted the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, with the service of two federal search warrants (Seattle and Federal Way). Officers/Detectives recovered ammunition and firearm accessories. No arrests were made. The primary suspect was already in custody at the FDC, but will face additional federal charges.

#2021-325978/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-10-2021 at 1431 hours, Garfield HS called 911 to report that (5) non-students had shown up on campus and were threatening to shoot Garfield HS students as they exited school for the day. The Principal put the school into lock-down mode. Arriving officers searched the area but could not locate the suspects and witnesses reported that they had left just prior to police arrival in a Gray Toyota Corolla. Once officers searched and secured the area, school staff opened the school back up to allow students to go home for the day. Several officers remained on scene to provide security until all students had left the campus. Garfield Principal was assured that school security was still a high priority for SPD and officers would respond as quickly as possible if staff should call 911. Several other resources were offered, and this incident was documented. Officers working the HS Basketball game this evening and 3rd Watch East Officers were all notified of this event. Duty Captain were also notified of this incident.

#2021-326001/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-10-2021 at 1508 hours, a male victim stated he was at an encampment near 10/Weller and purchased heroine. While preparing to use the heroine he had just bought, someone hit victim in the head at least twice with a club or similar object. Victim suffered a bloody head wound and was not able to think correctly or remember things that had recently occurred. Victim was seen by Seattle Fire, who recommended he go to the hospital, but victim refused. Victim said his cell phone, heroine and some cash were taken from him while he was unconscious/blacked out. Victim approached two people in area and assaulted them with an umbrella, believing they were involved in the robbery. Upon attempting to contact the suspect, they refused to exit a tent. Ultimately, the tent occupants exited peacefully. By this time the victim was unable to identify anyone who was involved in the robbery. Hostage Negotiation Team notified.

#2021-326398/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-10-2021 at 2322 hours, officers responded to the 1900 block Lakeside AV S regarding shots heard. Officers arrived and located evidence of a shooting. There were no witnesses, no victim, and no suspect description. Officers processed the scene. The report will be forwarded to Gun Violence Reduction Unit.