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Wednesday – January 5, 2022

#2022-003744/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 01-05-2022 at 1006 hours, officers responded to a 911 call regarding an unresponsive male in a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers determined the vehicle was stolen and conducted a high-risk vehicle stop. The driver eluded, struck an unoccupied parked vehicle, and a building. Officers did not pursue and there are no known injuries. The suspect remains outstanding. Public Affairs notified.

#2022-004316/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-05-2022 at 2323 hours, a caller reported a gunshot through his window, that the suspect was still on scene, and that the suspect was seen with a gun. This appeared to be supported by a witness. Officers arrived on scene and located the suspect, who fled on foot. Officers gave chase. The suspect was apprehended but no gun was located. K9 (Shoreline) was called out for an evidence track; no gun was located. The caller was contacted, and his apartment examined; there was no bullet damage. The witness never heard a gunshot or saw a gun but had heard the verbal disturbance between caller and suspect. The suspect was released. A report for obstructing was written.