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Thursday – January 20, 2022

#2022-015871/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-20-2022 at 0247 hours, officers responded to the parking lot of 7345 Delridge Way SW to a report of a stabbing and located the victim a block away at a gas station. The victim had a stab wound to his left arm, so officers applied a pressure bandage to the injury. This victim was uncooperative with officers’ questions, provided a basic description of a possible suspect. The victim would not provide specific details about the incident and no scene was located. The victim stated repeatedly that he did not want to “press charges”. Seattle Fire responded for additional medical evaluation. The victim declined multiple offers for medical transport and opted to self-transport to Harborview for treatment.

#2022-016027/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 01-20-2022 at 0837 hours, officers were dispatched to an assault in the 4700 block of 1 Av S. Victim stated that while on a run, a male came up from behind her and sexually assaulted her. The victim fought back, and the suspect began to run away. The victim then chased the suspect until he got inside a vehicle and drove away. Victim called 911 with the vehicle’s license plate. SPD called and asked King County Deputies to see if the suspect vehicle was at an address. King County called back and stated the suspect vehicle was at the home and that a deputy spoke with the owner. The suspect admitted to sexually assaulting the female. Suspect was then arrested for Indecent Liberties. After reading Miranda Warnings, the male suspect again admitted to the crime. Suspect was then booked into King County Jail. Sexual Assault Unit was advised of the incident.

#2022-016027/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 01-20-2022 at 0837 hours, officers responded to a crisis call at Rainier Av S and S Weller St. The call was regarding a known high unitizer that was also the subject of a recent CRT bulletin. The subject was stating that he was suicidal and wanted to commit suicide by cop. He was also fixated on taking subjects hostage at a local department store. CRT located the subject at James St and Boren Ave. The subject was ITA’d and trespassed from the department store.

#2022-016250/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-20-2022 at 1309 hours, the suspect went into a 7-11 store and asked the clerk for tobacco products. The 7-11 clerk recognized the suspect from previous shoplift/robbery and told the suspect to leave. After being told to leave, the suspect went behind the counter and pushed the clerk out of the way. The suspect then took several tobacco products before leaving the store without paying for the items. Responding officers located the suspect during an area check. Prior to contact with the suspect, a field show-up was conducted with a positive ID for the suspect together with probable cause to arrest for robbery. After probable cause was established, officers contacted the suspect and informed her that she was not free to leave. The suspect immediately actively resisted the arrest effort by walking away and pulling away from officers. Just as an officer managed to grab a hold of the suspect, she leaned against a small folding gate which gave way and caused both her and the officer to fell down a few steps of stair. After this, officers were able to place the suspect into custody. The arresting officer suffered minor injury which did not require hospitalization. The suspect has small abrasion on her knees. Seattle Fire was summoned but the suspect refused to be seen by responding medical personnel. The suspect was later booked into King County Jail for multiple counts of robberies due to today incident, and previous incidents in the same 7-11 store. Watch Commander was notified.

#2022-016454/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-20-2022 at 1710 hours, officers responded to a robbery in the 300 block of 30th Av S. A juvenile male victim was approached by (3) juvenile female and (1) juvenile male suspects. The male suspect approached the victim and started to rip off the victim’s backpack. When the victim resisted this attempt, the male suspect pulled out a fixed blade knife and threatened him with it. The 3 female suspects then removed the victim’s backpack and went through all his pockets taking other items. These same 4 suspects committed a purse snatch robbery from an elderly female just an hour before this event. Officers located the suspects on 23rd Avenue near Garfield HS. The victims of both prior robberies responded to the scene and positively identified all 4 suspects. These suspects likely committed another robbery earlier in the day at Garfield HS according to numerous witnesses but the juvenile victim in that incident ran off and officers were not able to locate him until they found this victim’s property and phone # in the suspect’s property after arrest. Officers are now working on including this robbery case with the other two robbery cases. After several hours of effort, the juvenile suspects were provided defense attorney phone calls from 4 different networks. Once these contacts were made the suspects were all booked into the Youth Service Center for multiple counts of Armed Robbery. Both Robbery and GIU Units were notified.

#2022-016657/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-20-2022 at 2208 hours, reports of miscellaneous garbage fires were reported in the area of NE 43 St/ University Way NE. Officers responded as did Seattle Fire / Fire Marshal. Unknown suspect was reported to be walking around lighting numerous fires to garbage cans in alley ways. Multiple officers responded to area and conducted an area search, but suspect was not located. Fire Marshal notified SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad.

#2022-016709/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-20-2022 at 2332 hours, officers responded to an assault call reported as, “1 MIN AGO, VEH SPED BY WITH SOMEONE ON FRONT OF VEH HOLDING ONTO WINDSHEILD SCREAMING STOP STOP, L/S SB.” Officers conducted an extensive area check and spoke with witnesses in the area and determined a general direction of which the vehicle traveled with the subject on the hood of the vehicle. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle. Shortly later, the subject who was on the hood of the vehicle arrived at the West Precinct and reported the incident. The subject reported that he was delivering food for Door Dash this evening and just concluded working. He pulled over and exited his vehicle to stretch his legs with the vehicle still running. An unknown subject jumped in the vehicle and began driving away with the vehicle. The subject jumped on the hood of the vehicle which the suspect proceeded to drive for multiple blocks around the Capitol Hill area with the subject on the hood. The subject eventually was able to reach inside the driver window and pull on the steering wheel to make the vehicle crash into an unknown location. The victim rolled off the hood of the vehicle, and the suspect drove away in the vehicle. The victim proceeded to run approximately a mile to the West Precinct.