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Saturday – January 22, 2022

#2022-017697/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-22-2022 at 0201 hours, a female victim told police she was sitting in her vehicle on 22 Av E (westside of the street) facing northbound towards E John St. She observed an unknown male (30’S, LGHT FACIAL HAIR, BLK JKT, BLK HOODIE, DRK PANTS) approach her vehicle. The victim reported her driver side window was partial down as she was smoking from a vape pen. The unknown person produced a knife (black handle silver blade) through the opening and pointed it at her. The victim then attempted to roll up the window, but the unknown person pushed the window down. The unknown person then placed the knife against the victim’s neck and demanded she give over her money. The victim told him that she did not have money, the unknown person then took her cell phone and two credit cards. Officers asked the victim if she feared for her physical safety during the incident she stated “yes.” The suspect then fled southbound on 22nd Av E before going westbound through an alley located near Aegis living (2200 E Madison St). Officers attempted to track the victim’s phone, but it appears the suspect turned it off. K9 was requested and track was done using the driver side of the vehicle as the starting point, but it was unsuccessful.

#2022-017788/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 01-22-2022 at 0517 hours, officers responded to a residence to the report that a male was refusing to leave and was suicidal. The caller stated that the subject was holding a knife. Officers arrived and the caller was outside the apartment and verified that there was no one else in the unit with the subject. Officers attempted to speak with the subject through the open door, but the subject yelled that he would kill everyone. Officers backed off and the subject closed the door. A Hostage Negotiation Team unit was on duty and responded. They were able to text with the subject and attempted to come to a resolution. There was no probable cause for the subject’s arrest and after interviewing the caller, it was determined there was no imminent danger to the subject. The subject was told that they were not going to be arrested but would be offered services. The subject stated that they were hungry, and food was offered to them, but they refused. After conferring, it was determined to disengage and leave the scene. About 10 minutes later, the caller went back into the unit and called 911 again stating the subject was going to stab themselves and jump off the balcony. Officers arrived and the caller exited the unit to contact officers. Again, there was no probable cause for a crime and the subject was not in imminent danger as they did not have a knife and had not taken any steps to hurt themselves. It was determined again to disengage and leave the scene to deescalate the situation. The caller stated that they were leaving to go out of town. After clearing, the subject texted the Hostage Negotiation Team officer that officers would have to shoot him. About 90 minutes later the caller, again called stating they had returned, and the subject was still refusing to leave. They stated that the subject wanted services from police. The subject was contacted by phone and told to meet officers outside due to their earlier statements. After some time, they agreed, and officers met the subject outside. The subject declined all services that officers could offer. The Crisis Solution Center was not taking referrals from police at the time. The subject refused a shelter and the hospital. The subject became highly agitated and again disengaged. Ten minutes later the subject called and stated that they wanted to go to the hospital. Units again responded and stood by for AMR to respond. The subject got on the gurney willing and was placed into four points. Based on comments made by the subject throughout the 7-hour ordeal, the subject was ITA’d to the hospital.

#2022-017954/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-22-2022 at 1108 hours, several people called 911 and reported a woman walking around at Golden Gardens Park, brandishing a hatchet in a threatening manner. The park was full of community members who were enjoying the sunny day. Officers arrived and contacted several people who pointed the woman out (she was holding a hatchet) and verified that she’d brandished the weapon. When the woman saw officers, she ran and went into a tent at the north end of the park. Officers recognized the female, identified her, and discovered that she had an outstanding DOC warrant (the original crime was attempted Robbery). Patrol officers set up containment and established an arrest team. Officers made several requests to the woman to have her come out of her tent. She did not respond. Officers obtained a warrant. SWAT and Hostage Negotiation Team responded to serve the warrant and the subject was taken into custody. The hatchet was recovered in the subject’s tent.

#2022-018000/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 01-22-2022 at 1215 hours, a subject initially requested ambulance transport to the hospital for mental health assistance. AMR crew responded and transported the subject on a voluntary basis. During the transport, the subject became increasingly aggressive in the back of the ambulance which ultimately forced the ambulance to pull over on the side of the road. After the ambulance stopped, the subject jumped out, ran into traffic, jumped on top of stopped vehicles, rolled and crawled on the ground and underneath the ambulance. AMR crews exited the ambulance to try and render assistance to the subject, but the subject assaulted one of the crew members (no injury). Seattle Fire Medic was requested to stand-by while police officers responded to the scene. Officers arrived shortly after to find the subject still acting erratically in the roadway. Upon seeing officers, the subject sprinted directly at them, forcing one officer to pull out their TASER and ordered the subject onto the ground. The subject complied with officers’ order, and he was taken into custody with no use of force. The subject was secured into a gurney and sedated by a medic prior to being transported to Harborview Medical Center by the Medic unit. At the time of this writing, the subject was still in HMC ER with a hospital guard. After discharge from the hospital, the subject will be booked into King County Jail for felony assault on a health care worker.

#2022-018347/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-22-2022 at 2101 hours, officers responded to a report of an armed robbery in the area of SW Edmunds/Delridge WY SW. Victim arranged to purchase an iPhone 13 from a suspect via Facebook Marketplace. Victim met with the suspect at about 2100 hours, whereupon the suspect brandished a silver handgun and stole victim’s cell phone and wallet. The suspect fled on foot SB. Officers set up roving containment as no K9 was available. Suspect was not located.

#2022-018394/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-22-2022 at 2217 hours, an incident occurred at a pop-up rave party event (approximately 100-150 people) in the 4100 blocks 1 Av S (overpass). The suspect (a party guest) fired one shot in the air as he was driving away. Officers responded and located evidence of a shooting at the location. Officers cleared the crowds and completed the investigation. No victim and no damage. This report will be forwarded to Gun Violence Reduction Unit.

#2022-018408/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 01-22-2022 at 2231 hours, officers were working an emphasis detail when they were flagged down for a suspicious occupied vehicle. Officers located the vehicle and observed two subjects passed out inside the running vehicle. Officers noted there were no license plates affixed and observed drug paraphernalia inside as well as damage to the ignition with no key despite the engine running. Officers placed a patrol car in front and behind the suspect vehicle and contacted the driver in in the driver’s seat. Upon contact they announced themselves and the driver woke up and grabbed onto the steering wheel and hit the accelerator. The vehicle was in neutral, and the driver yelled to the passenger to place it into gear. The passenger then reached over and placed the vehicle into gear and the car accelerated forward into the parked patrol car placed in front of the suspect vehicle. A struggle ensued and the driver yelled something about having a firearm. Officers continued to struggle with the driver and called out a “HELP.” A few moments later, officers were able to extract the suspect and take him into custody. The driver was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle (PSV), eluding, no contact order violation, DUI and had warrants. The passenger was arrested for eluding, DUI and PSV. Type 1 Use of Force was completed.