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Wednesday – February 2, 2022

#2022-027412/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-02-2022 at 0145 hours, reports of an armed robbery with shots fired came out. The victims reported the suspect entered their van armed with a knife and rifle. The suspect robbed the couple of some of their belongings before the victim retrieved a firearm and fired a warning shot into the air. A struggle ensued and the suspect was struck in the face and head with the victim’s firearm, before fleeing. K9 was deployed and the track was successful. The suspect was located in the vicinity and was taken into custody without incident. The knife was recovered but no firearm was ever found. The victims’ belongings were returned to them.

#2022-027559/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 02-02-2022 at 0725 hours, officers responded to a report of someone in the 300 block of Pine St. The body was lying next to the Westlake Tunnel entrance when found by Sound Transit Security. No sign of violence. Body was that of a 25-year-old female. M.E. responded to the scene.

#2022-027793/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 02-02-2022 at 1305 hours, a student at Cleveland High School reported to the Principal that an unknown suspect made threats to “shoot up all schools” over social media. When the student responded that it was not feasible to shoot up all schools, the suspect responded that he/she would then target Cleveland High School at a specific time. The student stated that the suspect was unknown to him and was using a generic social media handle with no identifying information. The school was placed on lockdown as multiple units responded. The Principal and witness were contacted inside and interviewed about the incident. Officers stayed on scene until school was released. RTCC was notified of the social media handle for follow up investigation.

#2022-028105/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-02-2022 at 1938 hours, a male in his 20’s was unloading groceries in the 1400 block of Jackson Pl S when an unknown male approached him saying “come here”. When the victim turned to address the unknown suspect, he was stabbed once in the belly. The victim was able to make it into his residence where his sister called 911 and attempted lifesaving measures. At the time of this report the victim was in emergency surgery and critical. Two people of interest were detained and identified, both armed with knives, and matching the description provided. They were booked for unrelated charges, as Probable Cause for the assault was not determined. Homicide and PIO were briefed regarding the incident.

#2022-028129/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-02-2022 at 1959 hours, officers responded to robbery call at Capitol Hill Tobacco. When the call came out officers were in the area conducting an area check for a subject pointing a firearm at people on the street, per incident #2022-028109. Officers located the suspect just a few blocks north of Capital Hill Tobacco. Officers conducted a show-up and confirmed it was the correct suspect. Officers recovered a firearm from on the suspect. The victim reported the suspect entered the store, placed the firearm on the counter and asked, “Am I good guy or a bad guy?” The suspect threw a bag on a counter stating, “you know what I want.” The cashier feared for his safety and began pulling money from the register. The suspect left without taking any money and continued to brandish the firearm in the parking lot at people on the street. The suspect walked N/B on Broadway and officers located him. This incident was screened with the Robbery Unit.