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Tuesday – March 1, 2022

#2022-051444/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 03-01-2022 at 0339 hours, officers arrived on a commercial alarm to find that suspects had forced entry to the business. Officers contacted a female suspect and attempted to place her into custody. She resisted their efforts and during the struggle, 2 officers suffered minor injuries. Eventually she was placed into custody and will be booked into jail after release from Harborview Medical Center for unrelated medical issues. Use of Force type 1 completed.

#2022-051445/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 03-01-2022 at 0342 hours, officers responded to the 1200 BLK of SW Holden St for an assault and theft. Officers established probable cause to arrest a male. While attempting to arrest the suspect, he kicked an officer in the jaw and shoulder. After a struggle, the suspect was placed into custody. The suspect was booked for Assault 3. A type 2 Use of Force and Hazard Report will be completed for the incident.

#2022-051835/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-01-2022 at 1407 hours, a witness reported seeing a carjacking in the 4200 block of University Way NE. Moments later the victim was able to call in to confirm the robbery. The victim was a food delivery driver returning to his car. The suspect walked up to the driver’s window and displayed a handgun while ordering him to get out of the car. The victim complied and the suspect fled with the car. The victim tracked his phone to the East Precinct area and shortly thereafter his phone, which had been in the car, was found in the road at 23rd Ave & Mercer St. Area checks were unsuccessful.

#2022-051850/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-01-2022 at 1422 hours, officers responded to a male attempting to break into a home on Whitman Av N near N. 109 St. The resident was notified that someone had entered the yard via their Ring camera. Shortly after, the male suspect was observed looking into the home through the kitchen windows. The female resident asked the male to leave the property several times, but the male ignored her. The suspect picked up a hammer that was outside and began tapping his hand with it in a menacing manner. The female resident was very frightened of the suspect and worried that he would break the front window to get inside. She called 911 for assistance. When the suspect saw that she was calling the police he left the yard. The suspect crossed the street and started looking into another residence. The resident at the second home told the suspect to leave. The suspect picked up a very large rock and demanded to be let in. At that time officers arrived on scene. The suspect was uncooperative with officers. When officers took him into custody, he was stiffening his arms to resist being placed into handcuffs. Officers placed him into handcuffs, but due to his uncooperative behavior it was decided that AMR would transport the suspect to King County Jail. Once AMR arrived officers picked up the suspect from the ground to place him on the gurney. As officers were strapping the suspect to the gurney with the safety restraints, the suspect kicked out his leg and knocked an officer to the ground. The officer’s head struck an unknown object. The officer was taken to Northwest Hospital for medical evaluation. Lt screened this incident.