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Wednesday – March 16, 2022

#2022-065223/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-16-2022 at 0057 hours, officers responded to a housing facility about a possible burglary in progress. Officers arrived and located the suspect. Officers placed the suspect under arrest, and he resisted. Multiple officers responded and assisted with taking the subject into custody. Once the subject was in custody, and while officers were searching the suspect, he kicked back and kicked three officers in the legs, shins, and groin area. The subject was placed under arrest for Investigation of Burglary, three counts of Assault-3, and a Felony burglary warrant. Officers did not suffer injuries.

#2022-065258/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-16-2022 at 0215 hours, two masked suspects entered a business in the 4300 block of Roosevelt Way NE. Suspect 1 (armed with a handgun) jumped the counter, forced one employee to the ground, and the other employee to the back of the business to retrieve the money. Suspect 2 stood by in the front of the store and ordered the lone customer to stand-by in a corner. When no money was accessible from the back of the store, Suspect 1 emptied the cash register and stole two mobile phones from one of the employees. It is unknown whether the suspects fled the store on foot or in a vehicle. Incident screened with the Robbery Unit.

#2022-065255/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-16-2022 at 0219 hours, officers responded to a report of a vehicle theft that had just occurred in the 300 block of N 71st St. Shortly after being reported, the victim located his stolen vehicle traveling southbound in the 3400 block of SR99 and began to follow while calling 911. The stolen vehicle noticed they were being followed and accelerated rapidly away from the victim. KCSO and WSP were notified of the direction of travel for both vehicles. The victim reports that as he kept pace with the stolen vehicle, they merged onto SR 509 headed towards SeaTac. As they reached the Glendale Way SW exit the suspect quickly exited the highway, shooting towards the victim. SPD officers contacted the victim and attempted to locate a scene where the shooting was said to have occurred. At this time no evidence was located or collected. The stolen vehicle was not recovered at the time of this SIR.

#2022-065736/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 03-16-2022 at 1319 hours, officers responded to an in-progress car prowl incident in the 9oo block of 9 AV. Upon arrival, officers located the suspect inside the victim vehicle. Suspect refused to comply with officers’ command to exist the vehicle. Officers attempted to guide the suspect out of the vehicle and the suspect immediately resisted their effort. Once outside the vehicle, the suspect grabbed and pulled equipment off officers’ vests while kicking officers repeatedly. Officers pulled the suspect down to the ground and eventually were able to handcuff the suspect. The suspect continued to resist, and he attempted to headbutt officers prior to being put into a patrol car. Two officers have minor injury and pain but did not need hospitalization. The suspect has an abrasion on his left knee. Seattle Fire was summoned for on scene medical treatment for the two officers. The suspect declined medical screening from SFD. Suspect was booked into King County Jail for assault on police officers, resisting arrest, and theft-car prowl. Type II Use of Force completed. Hazard reports completed for the suspect. Watch Commander was notified of the assault on police officers.