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Monday – April 11, 2022

#2022-090043/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 04-11-2022 at 0344 hours, a victim was inside his house in the 1400 BLK of S. Cloverdale St. The suspect opened the door to the house and pointed a firearm at the victim. The suspect didn’t say anything to the victim and fled in an unknown direction. King County K9 responded to the scene but didn’t deploy his dog. Officers conducted an area search, but the suspect wasn’t located. The victim had a vague description of the suspect.

#2022-090124/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 04-11-2022 at 0644 hours, officer was flagged down by a victim of a robbery. The victim advised that he has been squatting inside a nearby abandoned house. And today while inside the house, three males (suspects) entered the house, two armed with handguns and claimed they owned the house. They held the victim at gun point and ordered the victim to remove all his clothing and then took his wallet, cell phone, and jewelry. The victim complied, and after removing the items, the suspects gave the victim back his clothing, and told him to leave. The suspects stole a wallet containing cash, a cell phone, and some other personal belongings. The victim provided a very detailed description of the handguns (revolver and semi-auto handguns) used and of the stolen items, including cash (including the year and domination of the bills stolen.) The victim also advised the suspect were driving a white pickup truck and that the suspects and suspect vehicle were still at the scene. Officers responded to the area and located the suspect vehicle, occupied by one suspect. The two other suspects were located exiting the house that the victim positively identified. Officers spoke with all three suspects and developed probable cause for first degree robbery. A search warrant was completed and served on suspect vehicle and house, with the assistance of K9 Officer and partner Loki. Both firearms were located, including a 44-magnum revolver and a small semi-auto handgun. All three suspect were booked for 1st degree robbery, and one was also booked on unlawful possession of a firearm. ABS also responded and took custody of two large caliber fireworks / explosives that were located on one of the suspects. Robbery screened the incident.

#2022-090782/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 04-11-2022 at 2138 hours, officers responded to the 2400 block SW Webster St for multiple reports of shots being heard in the area. Several witnesses were contacted who heard the shots and reported seeing a vehicle speeding from the area and subjects running through the apartment complex. During the search, officers located evidence of a shooting in the roadway and bullet damage to two apartment buildings. While officers were processing the scene, Harborview Medical Center reported a gunshot wound (GSW) victim that had been dropped off at the ER. The victim had been struck in the knee but was otherwise in stable condition. He was uncooperative with police, but limited information was obtained linking the victim to this incident. A short time later, Valley Medical reported a GSW victim had arrived in the ER. The victim had been struck in the right chest area but was otherwise in stable condition. He provided limited information to police, but enough to link him to this incident. The incident was screened with the Homicide Unit. SW Patrol processed the scene. No suspects were located.