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Wednesday – May 4, 2022

#2022-111744/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 05-04-2022 at 1148 hours, officers were dispatched to the report of a male subject bleeding from the head and being chased by another male subject swinging a stick. Officers arrived and located the subject with the head injury who stated he was not the victim of assault but had hit his head while running and not paying attention. The subject appeared to be in a high level of crisis and after he made attempts to assault a bystander, he was taken into custody pending ITA. Immediately upon taking control of the subject officers properly identified multiple signs of possible E.D. They requested Seattle Fire and advised them of their suspicions. SFD was able to stabilize the subject and he was ultimately ITA’d without further incident. Due to the subject’s level of crisis, it took six patrol officers to control him. They kept the subject in the recovery position, monitored his breathing cushioned the ground around his head preventing injury and maintained conversation with him when possible.

#2022-112070/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 05-04-2022 at 1847 hours, a passerby called 911 and reported they’d seen a male armed with a rifle at the north bound entrance to Interstate 5 at NE 50 ST. Multiple officers responded and found a male sitting at the freeway entrance with an air rifle pellet gun next to him. There were no reports of the male pointing the gun at anyone or displaying it in a threatening manner. Once officers determined that no crime had been committed the individual was released from the scene.

#2022-112078/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 05-04-2022 at 2005 hours, officers responded to a hit and run collision that had been holding for several hours near Harvard Av E and E Mercer St. Officers arrived and noted the caller was intoxicated. He claimed he was parking his car hours ago and was struck on the mirror by another car. The caller did not have an ignition interlock as required, was DWLS and the vehicle was illegally parked. The officers did not have enough probable cause to arrest for DUI due to the hours delayed response from the admission of driving, however the subject admitted to driving during a motor vehicle accident and the officers decided to cite him for failure to drive with an ignition interlock and DWLS. The caller stated he was going to move the car when officers left (despite the aforementioned offenses and being grossly intoxicated), and since it was illegally parked, officers decided to tow the vehicle. The caller became angry and then began asking his neighbor if he had access to a firearm so he could shoot officers. He then made a “finger gun” and said to the officers he would shoot them if he had a gun. The subject mentioned shooting or killing officers multiple times. The officers decided to arrest the subject for felony harassment. Post Miranda he made several additional threats to kill officers if he had a gun. No gun was located search incident to arrest. A hazard report was completed.

#2022-112222/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 05-04-2022 at 2209 hours, several witnesses called 911 reporting hearing shots being fired and vehicles heard leaving the area of Riverview Playfield. Officers responded and located evidence of a shooting in the playfield’s parking lot (7300 block 12 Ave SW). Witnesses reported hearing the shots being fired and then observed two silver sedans fleeing the parking lot immediately after the shots were heard. No property damage or victims were located. The evidence was collected. GVRU was consulted and will conduct follow-up for this incident.