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Wednesday – June 22, 2022

#2022-159154/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-22-2022 at 0102 hours, officers were dispatched to an occupied burglary on Renton Ave S. As officers were enroute, the caller advised the call taker that he had just shot at the suspects. Officers arrived and contacted the caller. Officers then cleared the residence. Shortly after, one of the suspects was dropped off at Harborview Medical Center with a gunshot wound. The incident was screened with the Robbery Unit.

#2022-159185/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-22-2022 at 0206 hours, officers on viewed a victim surrounded by a crowd lying in his own blood and with significant facial trauma. Officers’ investigation concluded the victim had been assaulted by 2 people who are currently at large. Subject had a possible skull fracture and was transported to HMC unconscious, un-identified and with significant but non-life- threatening injuries. Assault involved parties inhabiting the 8th Ave S. and S. King encampment.

#2022-159524/West Precinct/Second Watch:

Incident occurred on 06-15-2022 but was reported to SPD on 06-22-2022, as the business believed the property management had filed a police report. On 06-15-2022 video captured a suspect removing several Pride Flags from the exterior of a restaurant. The suspect piled the flags on the ground and burned them. The suspect also damaged some other non-Pride related items belonging to the business. The complainant said the restaurant is very active in Pride Events and feels targeted by this crime due to LGBTQIA+ affiliations. No other business or items in the vicinity were damaged. Suspect was not located. Bias Crime, Media, Violent Crime Captain, Homicide, LGBTQ+ Liaison, and Collaborative Police Chief advised.

#2022-159465/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-22-2022 at 1300 hours, officers were at a transitional housing shelter in the 5600 block of 15th AVE NE assisting staff with a subject possibly in crisis after he made indirectly threatening comments. Officers escorted the suspect out and stood-by as staff brought his belongings out. The suspect ran across the street and began posturing and goading officers to fight him. He eventually complied with orders to sit on the ground. As officers approached to restrain him, he jumped up and punched an officer twice in the face. He was chased a short distance before he surrendered without further resistance. He was booked into KCJ for felony assault. The officer was evaluated at the hospital for minor pain and contusion but was not seriously injured.

#2022-159695/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-22-2022 at 1506 hours, officers responded to a 6300 block 34 Ave SW address regarding a person causing a disturbance. Officers arrived and located the suspect in an agitated state holding a stick and claiming to want to fight the reporting party. The suspect was observed while the victim was contacted. The victim reported that the suspect had approached his apartment door brandishing a knife while making threats to kill the victim and causing damage to the door. Probable cause was established for felony harassment. The suspect was advised he was under arrest, but he retreated further into a contained rear fence area. The suspect produced a knife and waived it at officers while stating he wanted to fight and was planning suicide by cop. After verbal communications broke down, HNT was requested. A lengthy standoff ensued until the subject’s behavior escalated. After breaking a window with a large rock, the suspect removed his belt and held it as a whip in one hand while waiving the knife around in the other. The suspect began cutting himself with the knife causing multiple lacerations to his torso and arm. In an effort to take the suspect into custody, a less lethal launcher was used resulting in a type II Use of Force. The suspect became compliant shortly thereafter and was taken into custody without further incident. The suspect was transported to HMC for medical treatment before being booked into KCJ. Media was on scene.

#2022-159554/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-22-2022 at 1604 hours, GVRU detectives, ATF agents and DOC Specialists conducted an arrest operation in the 500 block of 21 Ave. The suspect was wanted for a shooting in south Seattle under SPD 2021-283416. After taking the suspect into custody, further investigation led to the search of a nearby residence and the recovery of a stolen vehicle as well as a quantity of fentanyl pills. The suspect was also identified in a West Precinct drive-by shooting.

#2022-160004/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-22-2022 at 2209 hours, officers were called to the intersection of E Marion ST / 12 AVE E for a victim that stated he was stabbed a couple blocks away. Officer provided medical aid to the victim until Seattle Fire arrived and took over. The victim was able to give limited information about the suspect, who was an acquaintance. Officers responded to the apartment complex where the stabbing took place and attempted to contact a suspect in two different units. There was no answer and no indication that either unit was occupied. Officers cleared after a search of the area for the scene or suspect.

#2022-160078/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-22-2022 at 2354 hours, officers responded to 501 Rainier Ave S to reports of a female in the lobby who had been stabbed. Officers arrived on scene and located a female with a stab wound to the leg. A tourniquet was applied, and the bleeding was stopped. Officer conducted a brief interview and determined this was a robbery. The victim was transported to HMC in stable condition. The identity of one of the suspects was determined but no arrest made at the time of this notification. Robbery was notified.