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Friday – July 15, 2022

#2022-182502/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 07-15-2022 at 0135 hours, officers responded to the 200 block of Dexter Ave N regarding the report of an assault on a security officer. During the investigation, officers determined the male suspect had slapped the security officer in the face with his belt. The suspect was placed under arrest and escorted to the front of a patrol vehicle. As officers were conducting a search of the suspect, he looked back at one officer then proceeded to kick the officer several times, causing transient pain, but no injury. The suspect was subsequently transported to KCJ, where he was booked for Assault, 3rd Degree.

#2022-182576/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 07-15-2022 at 0426 hours, officers responded to the 2500 BLK of Harbor Ave SW and saw an unoccupied vehicle, reported stolen in Renton, with damage to the front driver side window. The damage consisted of what appeared to be a possible bullet hole to the window. The rear passenger side window also was damaged. Officers checked the location but didn’t locate any additional evidence of a shooting.

#2022-182771/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 07-15-2022 at 0920 hours, officers responded to a report of a missing, elderly male with early onset dementia. With the coordinated efforts of Community Service Officers, Parking Enforcement, community members, and Patrol, officers located the man and returned him to his family.

#2022-183135/North Precinct/Second Watch

On 7-15-2022 at 1200 hours, a 22-year-old man showed up at a house under construction in the 7000 block of 31 Av Ne, where he said he wanted to observe the workers. He remained on scene for several hours until his behavior prompted the workers’ supervisor to ask him to leave. Rather than leave the property altogether, the man remained in the backyard, where he seemed to be trying to hide behind a structure. When a worker went to check on him, the suspect used a large knife to stab him in the back. The victim survived. Officers placed the suspect under arrest. After having been read Miranda Warnings, the suspect admitted he showed up that day planning to kill as many people as he could, that he wanted to use a knife and a hammer in order to make it as gruesome as possible, and that he ‘wanted to be seen’. He consented to allow Officers to search his backpack, which was in a vehicle he kept returning to before the attack, and found rope, among other items. Officers booked the man into jail for Investigation of Assault.

#2022-183200/West Precinct/Second Watch

On 07-15-2022 at 1656 hours, officers responded to a fire near a neighborhood garden in the 700 block of South Main Street. Officers arrived with SFD and learned that this was the fifth such fire in the area. Fire Marshall 5 determined that the fires were arson and notified ABS. Officers conducted an area check with negative results. 

#2022-183308/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch

On 07-15-2022 at 1855 hours, an e-bike rider was crossing SW Spokane Street just east of the lower Spokane Street bridge when an eastbound vehicle struck him. SFD pronounced the 63-year-old bicyclist deceased at the scene. The suspect vehicle fled the scene and was described as a silver or white sedan. TCIS detectives responded and processed the scene.

#2022-183557/West Precinct/Third Watch

On 07-15-2922 at 2302 hours, officers responded to a report of a female subject in a mental health crisis who was attempting to jump into the water in the 900 block of Fairview Avenue North. While officers were speaking with her, she jumped into the water. Assistance was requested from SFD and Harbor. While awaiting the arrival of water resources a boater in the area allowed an SPD officer onboard. The boater positioned his watercraft close to the female in the water. The officer in the boat continued to engage with the female and after several minutes convinced her to climb aboard the boat. The subject was evaluated by SFD and transported to HMC for an evaluation.

#2022-183498/West Precinct/Third Watch

On 07-15-2022 at 2201 hours, officers responded to Fairview Ave N and Mercer St to assist Seattle Fire. The ensuing investigation determined numerous shopping carts, trash, and doors were stacked up around a power box and intentionally set ablaze. The resulting fire destroyed a power box, cutting all power to the intersection. No witnesses were located. Patrol resources directed traffic at the intersection and screened the incident with ABS.