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Police Arrest Man After He Opens Fire on Officers at Bitter Lake Apartment

Seattle police arrested a domestic violence suspect in North Seattle late Monday after he opened fire on officers when they tried to take him into custody.

Around 11:40 p.m. the 911 center received a call from a Bitter Lake apartment and operators could hear a man and a woman arguing. The man then reportedly began choking the woman.

Officers arrived at the apartment and attempted to contact the man inside the building. The man ran from officers, who chased after him down a hallway. During the chase, the man turned and fired a shot at officers before running out of the building.

Police found the man at a bus stop a short distance away and took him into custody. A K9 team recovered a firearm, believed to belong to the suspect, in some bushes near the apartment.

Officers were unable to locate the woman at the scene. Detectives continue to investigate the incident.