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Tuesday – October 11, 2022

#2022-272701/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 10-11-2022 at 0412 hours, officers responded to the report a resident of Hopson Place set his 7th floor unit on fire and refused to let staff inside. Complainant advised subject’s room was filled with smoke and fire alarm going off. Fire screened the call and declined to respond. This is the 2nd time this subject has set fire to his unit and refused to let staff or officers inside. The subject also has an officer caution and is known to be assaultive to law enforcement. Officers arrived and could smell heavy smoke coming from inside the unit, knocked and announced several times, with negative results. Officers created a tactical plan, formed a contact team, deployed a shield, used a master key, and made entry into the unit. The unit was filled with heavy smoke, burnt materials scattered all over the floor, and the unit was in shambles. An active fire (a stack of papers) was burning inside a stove that was unplugged and placed in the middle of the unit. Officers located the subject lying on the floor, apparently pretending to sleep. Officers detained the subject and escorted him from the unit. One officer deployed a fire extinguisher and doused the flames in the stove. Based on the previous incident, with similar circumstances, officers opted to book the subject for arson (instead of ITA on previous call) because this is the 2nd time this subject has set fire to his unit, located inside a complex that houses hundreds of residents.

#2022-272868/South Precinct/First Watch:

At 0900 hours, a victim who is homeless has lived for an extended time in a makeshift tent in a roadway median with guard rails on each side. The suspect passes by daily on his way to work. Recently the suspect has taken to banging on the guard rails to annoy the victim. Today, the suspect began to toss the victim’s property into the street. Victim confronted the suspect. The confrontation became physical, and the suspect pulled the victim to the street and repeatedly punched him until he was unconscious. Suspect was located a few blocks north and arrested. Booked for Assault 2.

#2022-273216/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1530 hours, an adult male was at Ravenna Park with his two-year-old son. The suspect, an adult male, started to yell at the victim when the victim’s child rode his scooter near him, which developed into a verbal argument where the suspect yelled “I ain’t afraid of you”, “I’m gonna f___ you up”, “You *racial slur*, I hope they nuke the s___ out of your country” while reaching into his shirt intimating that he had a weapon. The victim felt that he was targeted by the suspect due to his race. Officers conducted a thorough search, but the suspect was not located.

#2022-273429/West Precinct/Third Watch:

At 1922 hours, a private security guard on the Seattle waterfront was arrested and booked for unlawful imprisonment and assault 4 after placing a victim into handcuffs for a civil infraction, then assaulting her multiple times while she was restrained. Multiple independent witnesses observed the assault, and the other security guard had to intervene and pull the suspect off the victim. The victim was screened by Seattle Fire and transported to Swedish Medical center for further treatment.