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Support for Domestic Violence Victims is a Phone Call Away

The Seattle Police Department often sees an increase in domestic violence reports during the holiday season. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, help is a phone call away.

The Seattle Police Department and City of Seattle offer support and services to victims and their families, by interrupting cycles of abuse and helping get them out of dangerous situations.

Please visit SPD’s Domestic Violence Unit page for information on identifying signs of domestic violence and reporting abuse. The City Attorney’s Office (CAO) page offers information on what to expect from the court process, and the Victim Support Team and CAO pages provide include resources to assist victims of abuse in obtaining housing, food, bus tickets, a phone or anything else they may need to get out of a dangerous situation.

Get help now by reporting domestic violence to 911.

SPD will be holding limited media availability related to seasonal increases in domestic violence on 11/23. Please email with inquiries by 6p on 11/22.