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Saturday – December 24, 2022

#2022-342323/North Precinct/Third Watch

On 12-24-22 at 0039 hours, officers responded to the 5200 blk of Ballard AV NW for a report of one shot being fired from a vehicle into the air. Upon arrival, officers located one shell casing. No one was struck and no property was damaged. Patrol processed the scene. Upon investigation, it was determined that there was a bar fight one block down that started over pool table etiquette that shifted outside. Once outside, one of the involved went to their vehicle, retrieved a firearm and fired one round into the air to disperse all involved in the fight. The shooter then left in their vehicle.

#2022-342460/Southwest Precinct/First Watch

On 12-24-22 at 0727 hours, a passerby called in a possible burglary to a jewelry store in the 4500 block of California Avenue Southwest. At approximately 0453, a vehicle was seen on camera ramming into the store. The vehicle rammed into the jewelry store several times. Two suspects got out of the vehicle and attempted to enter the business. Based on video footage, the suspects weren’t able to fully enter the store. The suspects fled the scene in the vehicle. Officers conducted an area search for the suspects and damaged vehicle, but nothing was located.

#2022-342539/South Precinct/First Watch

On 12-24-22 at 0946 hours, a subject entered a prominent store in SODO and began to change out of his wet clothes at customer service. A loss prevention officer asked him to stop, angering the subject. Subject slapped the employee a couple times. The employee disengaged, but the subject continued after the employee. Other employees attempted to intervene. Subject began to assault the store manager as slurs were being used. Officers arrived and detained the subject. As they were taking him to the back of a patrol car, subject kicked his foot out striking an officer in the knee, no injury. As he was placed in the patrol car he kicked again prior to the door closing striking an officer in the mouth causing a swollen lower lip. Subject booked for felony hate crime, three felony assaults, and an assault third degree warrant.

#2022-342843/West Precinct/Third Watch

On 12-24-22 at 2004 hours, officers were dispatched to a down subject in David Sector. The responding officers and SFD evaluated the subject. Based on their observations, subject was gravely disabled and met ITA criteria. While waiting for AMR, subject became unresponsive. SFD began performing CPR and eventually transported subject to HMC. Patrol also responded to monitor the subject. At the time of this SIR, subject is stable at HMC.