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Police Arrest Man for Pointing Pellet Gun at Driver

Police arrested a man in Yesler Terrace early Friday morning after he pointed a realistic-looking pellet gun at a driver.

Just before 5 a.m., the victim called police and said he’d been driving near 14th Avenue and East Yesler Way when the suspect walked up to his car, shined a flashlight and pointed a gun at him. The victim drove away and called 911.

Officers found the 30-year-old suspect nearby, arrested him, and found his gun was, in fact, a realistic-looking pellet gun.

The man was erratic during the arrest—possibly due to the methamphetamine found in his pocket—and bit an officer on the arm, so police called for a private ambulance to transport him to the King County Jail.

Officers booked the man for felony harassment and assault, and recovered multiple ID cards, credit cards, and social security cards, as well as two 8-inch fixed-blade knives, one firearm round, and a lockpick tool during the booking process.