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Soaked Suspect Arrested at Lake Union Houseboat After Throwing Bicycle, Ladder, Himself in Water

Police arrested a man Tuesday morning after he trespassed on several houseboats, attempted to steal a motorized vessel and a paddleboard, threw a bicycle and ladder into Lake Union, and eventually ended up in the water himself.

At 5:20 a.m., police responded to the 2700 block of Westlake Avenue North for reports of a possible burglary. Multiple residents told officers a man was trespassing on the docks of their houseboats. At one home, he threw a bicycle and a ladder into the water. At a second house, he unmoored and unsuccessfully attempted to steal a small motorboat. At the third residence, he tried to steal a paddleboard, but apparently fell into the lake in the process.

When officers arrived, the man had managed to pull himself back onto a dock, and officers placed him under arrest for theft and theft of a motor vehicle.

Seattle Fire Department personnel treated the man at the scene and determined he was in stable condition.

Police transported the 31-year-old suspect to Harborview Medical Center for evaluation before booking him into King County Jail. Officers booked him for not only his crimes at the houseboats, but also an unrelated burglary warrant.