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SPD Alert: Casino Visitors Being Targeted

The Seattle Police Department has responded to several armed robberies involving victims leaving local casinos.  

SPD would like to bring awareness to this criminal activity and provide the following safety tips to help prevent this crime from happening to you.  

1.       Be aware of your surroundings – avoid walking with your phone in hand and your head down.

Make it a habit to secure your cell phone and other belongings to eliminate possible distractions.  

2.       Pay attention and stay alert – if you notice someone suspicious, get to a safe location and call 911.

Provide as much detail about the suspicious person or vehicle as you can to the 911 call taker to assist police in their investigation. 

3.       Report criminal activity utilizing the different resources available. For response needing a police officer call 911, for a non-emergency call (206)625-5011, or utilize the online reporting option.  

SPD strives to address community public safety concerns. Please be alert, aware, and stay safe.