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Thursday – March 23, 2023

#2023-078762/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 03-23-2023 at 0328 hours, multiple callers reported hearing shots in the 3500 block Rainier Ave S. Officers arrived and located evidence of a shooting, but did not find any victims, property damage, or suspects.

#2023-078988/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

At 1010 hours, officers responded to the 500 block of S Sullivan Street for a disturbance after a neighbor called to report hearing a female yelling she was going to be killed. Officers arrived and heard the victim faintly calling for assistance. As they forced entry, they found the injured victim and confirmed the suspect left out the back door. K9 and King County Guardian One responded to the scene but did not locate the suspect.

#2023-079046/East Precinct/First Watch:

At 1109 hours, a USPS carrier called 911 to report she was robbed at gunpoint outside her mail truck in the 900 block of Martin Luther King Jr Way S. She told officers the suspect approached her as she was getting mail and packages out of the truck, pointed a black handgun at her, and demanded her keys and phone. The victim gave the suspect her work keys and personal phone which she later tracked to another location. SPD K9 performed a track but did not locate the suspect.

#2023-072837/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1447 hours, a caller reported a victim being stabbed in the face in the middle of the street on University Way NE. Blood was found in the street and an involved party with facial injuries was located later in the 6400 block of Roosevelt Way NE. Investigating officers found that one suspect had apparently attempted to rob a victim, only achieving a minor assault. The suspect then ran into a nearby restaurant followed by the victim who then proceeded to liberally dispense pepper-spray in the establishment (presumably intending to spray the suspect). Two bystanders pushed the original suspect out into the street and pinned him to the ground while the original victim now struck and sprayed him while he was pinned down (leading to the erroneous stabbing reports, and likely suspect’s facial injuries). Although multiple possible assaults and at least one attempted robbery may have occurred, none of the involved parties contacted wished to cooperate with police or make a report.