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The images captured on body worn video in January of 2021 show inappropriate items inside a room at the East precinct.

While we do not know the origin of the items in question from 2 ½ years ago, there is no doubt they are inappropriate. 

We recognize the hurt and disappointment this has caused.

Much has changed since this footage was recorded in January of 2021, including the department’s relational policing initiative, focused on community engagement and a commitment to service.  We know it takes time to build trust, and trust is fragile.  We continue to work with our community to ensure the department mirrors the values of the city we serve.

Chief Diaz has instructed Commanders to conduct thorough inspections of our precincts and office space to ensure any décor is appropriate under City standards and aligns with our core values and mission of public service.

We understand OPA is investigating, and we pledge our full support to ensure OPA has all it needs for a thorough and complete record.  We are reviewing our policies and procedures with respect to the maintenance and use of our facilities and will engage with OPA, OIG, and the CPC to ensure our policies are clear. 

During 2020/2021, the East precinct was a focal point for protests and riots.  Protestors often placed items around the precinct, and they’d wind up on a storage shelf until they were discarded.

The Trump flag was removed prior to the release of this video. The department does not know who hung that flag 2 ½ years ago, but it was likely removed as improper political speech in the workplace. 

The water bear picture and quote are a reference to resilience under pressure.  SPD is unaware of any improper connotation.  See, e.g., Tardigrade – Wikipedia. That picture, along with the flag of the United States, remain in the room.