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Wednesday – March 27, 2024

#2024-082810/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2338hrs, East Patrol responded to a report of a robbery in the area of 15th Ave E & E Denny Wy. The caller/victim was an employee of a convenience store. He reported that a male wearing a mask entered the store and pointed a black semi-auto firearm at the victim while demanding money from the register. Witnesses in the area stated the suspects fled in an unknown make and model silver SUV. Officers were unable to locate the suspects or the vehicle. No additional information at this time.

#2024-082819/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0011hrs, two suspects entered the 7-11 located at the 2400 BLK of Harbor Ave SW. The suspects jumped the counter and put the clerk at gunpoint. The suspects made demands and grabbed cash and tobacco products. The suspects left the 7-11 Northbound on Harbor Ave SW. Containment was set up and K9 was deployed. The suspects weren’t located. Guardian 1 wasn’t in service. The SPD Robbery Unit was notified. The latent print unit responded to the scene.

#2024-082865/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0217hrs a victim was walking home near MLK/S Kenyon St when a black suspect vehicle with 4-5 occupants pulled up and started cat-calling the victim. Victim yelled back obscenities and the suspect vehicle took off. Just as the victim was approaching the entrance to the apartment complex, the suspect vehicle pulled up again and a suspect got out of the vehicle and asked the victim what they had said. 3 more suspects got out of the vehicle and began to chase the victim. The victim tripped and fell and the suspects’ jumped on the victim and pistol whipped the victim in the side of the head. Suspects stole the victim’s purse and fled in the black sedan. SFD treated the victim for abrasion on their elbow. Incident was screened with Robbery.

#2024-083025/West Precinct/First Watch:

At 0757hrs about 40 protesters showed up at 2100 block of 7 Ave and 400 block of Terry Ave N to protest environmental issues. They blocked all entrances and garages, preventing people from entering and leaving. The protester’s vehicles were blocking two garage entrances. SPD Command staff responded to the scene. SPOC and POET were notified. Amazon security reported several disturbances before SPD’s arrival. At approximately 0900 hours, the group marched to Denny Park and dispersed. No damage and no assaults were reported.

#2024-083305/South Precinct/First Watch:

At 1321 hours, officers responded to the 1700 block of 4 AV S to the report of an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound. The victim was seated inside his vehicle in the parking lot and somehow shot himself in his upper left thigh with his pistol. He exited his vehicle and went inside the store. He told the employees that he accidently shot himself and asked for assistance. One of the employees was an Army Veteran and happened to have a tourniquet with him. He immediately applied the tourniquet and apply pressure. A short time later, Officers arrived along with SFD. The victim was transported to HMC by Medics and was immediately taken into surgery because he shot himself in the femoral artery. The application of the tourniquet by the witness undoubtedly contributed to saving the victim’s life. The victim’s condition was stable when Officers left HMC.

#2024-083490/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1614 hours, officers assisted DCRs in serving an ITA warrant. This was the fourth attempt in three days to take the subject into custody. Like the previous incidents, the subject was armed with a knife. The Officers had a plan in place for such an occurrence. When confronted, the subject did not comply with Officer’s commands to drop the knife. A 40mm was deployed with minimal delayed effect. A second Officer then deployed a Taser. The subject went to the ground and Officers were able to safely take the subject into custody for the DCRs. SFD was called for the deployment of the less lethal weapons. Subject was transported to the hospital.