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SPD Addresses Inaccurate Media Reports, Provides Update on Officer Auderer Loudermill

The Seattle Police Department is addressing inaccurate media reports circulating about Officer Daniel Auderer planning to represent SPD during a presentation at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exposition.

These reports are incorrect as Auderer never requested, nor was he approved to do so by the Seattle Police Department.

This comes as the Loudermill hearing for Auderer is now set to take place on May 16 pending any due process or legal issues. The hearing is an important step in due process, ensuring an officer can respond to any allegations or charges brought against them before any disciplinary action is taken.

The date had been revised from April 1 as the Seattle Police Officers Guild made an official request for an extension to gather the necessary documentation for his defense. SPD granted the request to ensure the officer’s due process is respected throughout the disciplinary proceedings.

We anticipate that after the hearing, a disciplinary decision will be made within roughly 21 days.

Police Chief Adrian Diaz and the entire department is committed to a fair and thorough investigation and resolution. This standard protocol must be followed any time an officer is accused of misconduct and ensures they can be held accountable based on the legal standards and precedents in place.

The Seattle Police Department is dedicated to the community it serves. We will keep you informed through the next stages of this disciplinary process.