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Sunday– May 5, 2024

#2024-121737/West Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0027 hours, Officers responded to a shooting call near Kinnear Park. Officers located the victim and his vehicle. The victim was not injured, but his vehicle had bullet holes in it. The victim stated that he did not know who shot at him or why. Officers recovered nine shell casings from the scene. Officers conducted an area check for the suspect vehicle but did not locate it.

#2024-121790/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0230 hours, patrol responded to the report of a female subject in distress. Upon arrival officers heard a female call for help. Officers exigently entered the location and found a male (suspect) activity assaulting a female (victim). Officers intervened and took the suspect into custody. The suspect and victim are in a DV relationship. The investigation found evidence that the suspect was preventing the victim from breathing for an extended period and was interrupted by officers. The victim believed the suspect was trying to kill her. The suspect was booked into KCJ for assault 1. The incident was screened with the DV unit.

#2024-121885/East Precinct/First Watch:

At approximately 0545 hours, officers were dispatched to the 700 block of Spring St to a report of multiple shots heard coming from the rooftop of an apartment building. As officers arrived, they located a victim with multiple gunshot wounds outside of one of the apartment complexes. Officers provided aid until SFD arrived and transported him in what was reported critical condition. Officers checked the rooftop and did not locate additional victims or witnesses and found the crime scene. GVRU and the Video units responded to process the scene. The circumstances leading up to the shooting remain under investigation.

#2024-121882/South Precinct/First Watch:

At 0720 hours, an officer on patrol spotted a stolen vehicle driving through SODO. While waiting for backup officers to arrive the driver of the vehicle parked in the 4500 block of 6 Ave S and passed out behind the wheel. Officers approached the car, placed three Terminator devices, and began hailing the driver. The driver backed over the devices, flattened its tires then sped off in the median, struck multiple tents, and injured two people. Officers pursued the driver for three blocks before the tire fell off the suspect vehicle. The suspect bailed out of the car and jumped a nearby fence. K-9 and patrol officers found the suspect cowering in a recycling bin. Officers searching the suspect found an empty holster that matched a stolen firearm found at the crash scene. Great work by all to safely take this suspect into custody.

#2024-122014/West Precinct/First Watch:

At 1019 hours, the victim lived in the ID area and was walking his dog near his home through a gravel parking lot. A transient was nearby and accused the victim of trying to steal his e-bike. The suspect attacked the victim and a struggle ensued. The suspect bit the victim’s fingers and severely injured two of them. As the suspect began to bite the victim’s fingers, the victim pulled out a small knife that he had on his key chain and stabbed the suspect multiple times in the back. Victim then called 911 to report the attack. Suspect transported to HMC in stable condition with a hospital guard. Victim transported to HMC via AMR. Homicide screened the incident and PIO notified.

#2024-121914/North Precinct/First Watch

At 0633 hours this morning three juveniles committed a series of crimes. These are likely the juveniles who went on a crime spree in Kia’s on 4-29-24. On today’s date the vehicles were Kia’s (two used were recovered 2024-121914, 2024-122026) and the crimes were robbery (convenience store in East Pct, 2024-121903), hit and run in Magnuson Park (2024-121919), assault in the 9200 blk of Woodlawn (2024-121956), attempt auto theft at 92/Woodlawn (2024-121984), vehicle ramming at the University Village (2024-121996), another intentional collision (47 AV NE/NE 38 ST, 2024-122002), and another one-car collision where the suspect fled after seeing police (53 AV NE/NE 70 ST, 2024-122026). Robbery and GIU notified. The suspects remain at-large.

#2024-122143/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1325 hours, Officers responded to a report of a male down in a vehicle. Before officers arrived on scene an update was broadcast that the vehicle was reported stolen. Officers arrived and formulated a plan using terminators on all four tires. Once placed, officers roused the suspect with verbal commands while setting up in a high-risk vehicle stop formation. The suspect chose to ignore officers’ warnings that tire deflation devices had been placed and drove over the terminators, resulting in 3 out of 4 successful deployments. The vehicle attempted to elude officers at a low speed for a short distance before the suspect lost traction and collided with an unoccupied parked vehicle at low speed. The suspect then attempted to flee on foot but was unsuccessful again and gave up quickly and taken into custody without further incident. It was then discovered that the suspect, in addition to being in possession of the stolen vehicle, also had felony warrants for first degree burglary out of Everett as well as DUI, hit and run attended, reckless driving, and theft of motor vehicle warrants out of Seattle. Suspect was declined at KCJ for swallowing drugs and hospital guard was done until he was medically released and booked.

#2024-122361/South Precinct/Second Watch

At 1853 hours, the victim was walking down the sidewalk when a blue or black sedan pulled up next to her. The front passenger of the suspect vehicle robbed the victim at gun point. A struggle ensued and the victim was dragged by the suspect vehicle. The victim’s phone was stolen. The victim was injured and transported to HMC with non-life-threatening injuries. An extensive area check by both SPD and Renton PD had negative results.