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Sunday– June 23, 2024

#2024-170652/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0007 Hrs SW Patrol responded to a report of a street racing take-over event at 2 Ave SW and SW Michigan St that had manifested in multiple locations in the city throughout the night. During these events several people had been wounded by gunfire and there was a significant potential for additional incidents as the meet ups escalated. Approximately 100 vehicles were at the location and Officers utilized vehicle tactics to convince the crowd to disperse. The vehicles fled in numerous directions and appropriate jurisdictions were notified of their direction of travel. Officers remained at the location to deter any returning participants. Car 11 and 253 were on scene and screened this incident in person.

#2024-170807/North Precinct/First Watch:

At 0503 hours, complainants called 911 to report hearing shots at 8 Ave NE/NE 115 St. One complainant reported hearing a male scream after the shots. Officers arrived and located Nine 45 caliber fired cartridge casings at the intersection. Officers checked for cameras and additional evidence, but nothing was located. The local hospitals were checked for GSW victims, but it was negative. A complainant called 911 to report that his house had a round in the window at the 1200 BLK of NE 117TH St. Officers responded and recovered a 45-caliber round. The house was occupied by two young children and two adults. GVRU and MEDIA 3 were notified about the incident.

#2024-171003/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1103 hours, the complainant reported 3-4 shots were fired in the 13600 block of 3rd Ave NE. Upon arrival, responding officers located 2 shell casings in the street. The complainant relayed that the male who fired the shots had been setting off a handheld airhorn while standing on the hood of a vehicle and receiving a sex act from a topless female. The male then pulled out a handgun and fired 3-4 shots into the air before he and the female fled in the vehicle northbound from the scene. GVRU notified.

#2024-170676/South Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0034 hours, a citizen was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk when he was struck by a vehicle participating in a street racing takeover in the area. The victim was critically injured with severe broken legs, and head injury. The victim was transported to HMC for his injuries. TCIS was notified, and patrol officers processed the scene and looked for possible video footage.

#2024-171382/East Precinct/Second Watch

At 1903 hours, Officers responded to an intoxicated male outside a business refusing to leave and yelling at the staff. Subsequent calls said the man was also rolling around on the ground and acting erratically. Officers arrived and determined that the man met the requirements for an ITA. Before the ambulance arrived, the man began to say he wanted to fight with officers and attempted to grab an officer. The man also proceeded to bite his own lip making it bleed then spat at an officer getting some blood on him. The man was arrested for investigation of assault. Unit 243 was notified, and a hazard report was written.

#2024-171419/West Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1906 hours, Officers responded to the area of Occidental Park for the report of an assault. After locating the victim Officers developed probable cause for Assault 4. The suspect was located and prior to be being placed under arrest threatened to kill one of the arresting officers. The officer believed the threat and the suspect was placed under arrest for assault 4 and Harassment. A hazard report was completed, and the incident was screened with 213.