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Saturday– June 29, 2024

#2024-177113/North Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0203 hours, officers responded to a shots call on Aurora Avenue North and North 90th Street. The victim was stopped in the left turn lane to turn left onto N 90 Street waiting for the light. The suspect drove up and stopped in the middle of the intersection and fired about four shots toward the victim. The suspect vehicle sped off southbound on Aurora Ave North. Only the victim’s car was struck by rounds. Police arrived on scene and conducted an area check for the suspect. Shell casings were located. No suspect was located.    

#2024-177246/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

At 0714 hours, officers responded to the 3600 block of Southwest Alaska Street. The victim had been assaulted with a knife and was injured. The victim was outside, and the male suspect walked up from behind, reached around, and slashed the victim on the cheek. The suspect then walked away. An area check for the suspect was negative in results. It is unknown if the suspect and victim knew each other. The victim was treated on scene by SFD and transported via AMR.

#2024-177253/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

At 0725 hours, Officers were dispatched to a report of a person yelling holding a knife, possibly in crisis. The suspect was standing outside a business yelling at no one and was holding a pocketknife in their hand. The victim, a patron of the business, confronted the suspect about their yelling. The suspect swiped at the victim with the pocketknife but did not make contact. The suspect then left and walked to a nearby gas station, entering it, and the victim followed. The victim did not enter the gas station. When Officers arrived, they found that the suspect was no longer on scene. The victim sustained no injuries. An area check for the suspect was negative in results.  

#2024-177223/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

At 0623 a.m., 911 Dispatch (CARE) received a call that a suspect threatened the victim using a large metal pole. Officers arrived in the 5400 block of Delridge Way Southwest, and the suspect barricaded himself inside his apartment. HNT, SWAT, and 252 responded to the scene. The street was blocked off as a precaution (no threat to the public). The suspect was taken into custody and booked for felony harassment. A search warrant was served on the apartment and the involved weapon was recovered.  

#2024-177223/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

At 2113 hours, Police from the East Precinct were conducting multiple business checks inside the Capitol Hill pride venues. While walking in the 1000 block of East Pike Street, officers passed by a female engaged in conversation with an unidentified male. While walking past, the female suspect reached out with a closed fist and punched the officer in the chest/shoulder region. She was quickly taken into custody. The suspect was booked into KCJ for Assault 3.