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Our Department’s New Use of Force Policy

Today, the Seattle Police Department took another step forward in our efforts to provide effective, humane and constitutional policing to our city. Federal Judge James Robart has approved an extensive overhaul of how our officers are trained to use force, making clear our department’s commitment to tactics like de-escalation and confrontation avoidance… [ Keep reading ]

Regarding Recent Leadership Changes In the Seattle Police Department

As the Chief of the Seattle Police Department it is my responsibility to make tough decisions to help guide this department toward progress and constitutional policing. I understand that the personnel decisions that I made last week regarding two assistant chiefs have not come without controversy. In the past, some… [ Keep reading ]

Detailing the Expansion of the Domestic Violence Unit

This morning, I received questions from the City Council about staffing levels in our department’s Domestic Violence Unit. After a thorough review, showing our department has increased the number of investigators in our nationally-recognized DV Unit to 15, I have sent this letter to Councilmember Tim Burgess, providing a detailed accounting… [ Keep reading ]

We Will Continue Our Mission of Public Safety With Regards to I-502

Today US Attorney General Holder announced that the federal government would not interfere with the implementation of I-502. Here is Interim Chief Jim Pugel’s statement on the decision: “I am pleased Attorney General Eric Holder has provided clarity about the future of Initiative 502 in Washington state. Our department will… [ Keep reading ]