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Thanks to West Precinct Officers

The following commendation was sent to the West Precinct, thanking officers who responded to assist a business owner.¬† “I had to make a call today due to the fact a homeless lady had decided to make home in our storage space below the restaurant. Due to a miscommuntication error I had to call two times. Three officers eventually arrived and I regretable forgot to get any of their names. What I do want to say is they deserve many thanks from me. Despite the fact the lady had vacated the area before they arrived they were extremely helpful and courteous. I feel safe knowing they are keeping watch over our somewhat colorful neighborhood. While I will regrettably say this will most likely not be the last call I will have to make regarding this matter, I hope there will be fewer to come due to their efforts. I hope you will pass this message along to whomever it may concern as they truely exceeded my expectation in their duties. Thank you for your time.”