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Victim turns out to be suspect in stabbing

On October 7th at 12:28 AM, East Precinct officers were dispatched to Harborview Medical Center to investigate an assault during which an adult male victim suffered a significant stab wound.  When they arrived they were met by several people who had accompanied the victim to the hospital.  They were told differing stories of a knifing during a robbery and another about a fight over a girl.  The victim gave a name and description of where the suspect lived.  South Precinct officers located the suspect’s residence and made contact.  The suspect was cooperative and officers learned that the “victim” went to the “suspect’s” house and started a fight during which the “victim” pulled a knife.  Witnesses confirmed this story with written statements.  Also, another female victim was found.  She had cuts on her wrist caused by the”victim”.  It became apparent that the “victim” was instead the aggressor and the individual thought to be the “suspect” was acting in self defense.  The case will be referred to detectives for follow up.