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Vice detectives arrest man for Kidnapping, Robbery and Promoting Prostitution

On October 8th North Precinct officers responded to a call of a young adult woman in distress in the 13500 block of Aurora Avenue North. She told them the following:    

She had recently moved from California to Washington to live with her father.  She stated that she had recently met an adult male who lured her into prostitution. She worked for him for only a week and escaped from him. She stated that he lived with his other prostitute who had an apartment just outside of Seattle. She said that she had observed him physically abuse the other adult female who worked as a prostitute for him.  Observing this violence to the other prostitute scared her enough to leave him.  She fled and went back to living with her father. A short time later the suspect tracked her down and kidnapped her at gunpoint from her father’s residence.  He then made her go back out on the street to “work”.  When she was able to do so safely she called 911.


North Precinct officers responded and did an outstanding preliminary investigation, notifying SPD Vice Detectives of their findings.


On October 9th 2008, Vice Detectives reviewed the case and interviewed the victim.  Vice Detectives petitioned for and received a search warrant for the suspect’s residence in Federal Way. Vice Detectives and SPD SWAT officers then served the search warrant.


The suspect, Jason T. Hanley (age 19), was arrested without incident.  He was booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Kidnapping, Robbery and Promoting Prostitution.