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Suspicious Package Found at Federal Building

On 12/10/08 at 4 pm, a man was contacted inside 909 1st Avenue, carrying an open box containing gloves, tape, batteries, coffee, scissors and a clock.  When questioned about his presence he stated that he was going to the Post Office inside the building to mail something to the Secret Service.  This same man was seen in the building on 12/09/08 and used the USPS to mail books.
The man paid cash to mail his package as he did on 12/09/08.  A USPS employee was suspicious of the circumstance and brought the package to an x-ray machine for examination.  The x-ray revealed the aforementioned items and caused great alarm.
At 5:41pm,  SPD was dispatched to the scene.  The basement, first and second floors were evacuated.  Pedestrian traffic, on 1st Avenue in the 900 block was shut down and the Arson Bomb Unit was called to the scene.
The Arson Bomb Unit examined the box and eventually destroyed it with the 12- gauge water cannon.  The box was found to contain what appeared in the x-ray.  Explosives were not present.
Vehicular and pedestrian traffic was opened shortly after the box was destroyed.