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East Precinct Robbery ends in arrest of suspects

On 1/14/09 at 10:00 PM East Precinct Officers observed a group of people in the alley near 13th and Yesler. When they circled back everyone appeared to be leaving. The officers continued on, and were flagged down by the victim at 12th and E Jefferson. He pointed out the suspects and said they had pointed a gun at him and robbed him. Officers stopped the car at 13th and E Jefferson and detained the occupants. The victim also came to the scene and related that the had been sitting in his car when two of the suspects tapped on his window. When the victim started to open the door, one of the suspects pulled the door open and pointed a gun at his head. They pulled the victim out of the car and went through his pockets, taking his money. At one point, one of the suspects ran over the top of the victims car, denting the roof and leaving a footprint on the rear window. When the female suspect started yelling “cops, cops, cops,” the suspects handed the guns to another male, got in the car and drove off. The suspects were taken into custody and transported to the East Precinct.