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Shots fired in Rainier Beach

On February 24 at 12:05 AM, numerous citizens called the Seattle Police 911 Center and stated they had heard multiple shots fired in the area of 51st and S Roxbury.  A South Precinct patrol officer actually heard the shots from the 9200 block of Rainier and immediately started an area search.  Officers were directed to the 5100 block of S Roxbury where a homeowner stated her house had been struck.

Officers found damage to the exterior of the home and recovered one round from a rear bedroom.  Nine casings were found on Renton Ave S and a car that was parked behind a neighbors home was struck multiple times (one round was recovered from the grass next to the car).  The victim did see a white Caprice driving at a high rate of speed on Renton.  She did not see the occupants, though. Officers checked the area but did not locate this vehicle.  It is undetermined whether or not it was involved in the shooting.