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Shots Fired near Blanchard and Elliott

On 3/7/09 at 1:58 a.m., SPD bike officers and patrol units heard gunshots being fired just west of Venom Night Club, near Blanchard and Elliott.  Officers advised that it sounded as if four “rapid” shots were fired under the viaduct.  Officers arrived in the area, and were told by a citizen, that a driver of an older white Chevrolet sedan fired the shots out of the moving vehicle and got onto the Viaduct traveling southbound.

An area check was conducted and no victims or any property damage was located.  Officers canvassed the area and did not locate any shell casings.

Officers advised that a White Chevrolet sedan was seen around the area during the evening, and advised radio of a possible plate.

South Officers located the possible vehicle and a stop was made at 1 Avenue S/Spokane Street.  All three occupants were identified.  The vehicle was checked and neither a gun or shell casings were located.  The occupants were identified and released.

No additional witnesses or victims have come forward.