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Paronoid Man Fires Shots

On 3/14/09 at approx 5:49 p.m. , the suspect called 911 to report that he was the victim of threats. While waiting for arrival of Police the suspect was becoming increasingly paranoid and armed himself with a handgun. He later called back to 911 and advised he had armed himself and that he would shoot anyone who drives into his driveway. He did tell operators he would put the gun away upon officers arrival. We also began to receive information from neighbors in the 8300 block of 8th Ave NW., of hearing what sounded like 3 shots. It took several attempts at calling the suspect to get him to answer the phone. He did put the gun down and came out as instructed but was somewhat uncooperative. The suspect was taken into custody. When asked he told officers that he did fire three rounds, but it was by accident. An area check was made for any victims or property damage, nothing was found. Officers recovered 2 handguns. The suspect was arrested and booked into King County Jail for Weapons Violations.The suspect will also under go a mental health evaluation.