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DV burglary with shots fired in Ballard

On April 5th at approximately 1:20 A.M., neighbors reported hearing shots being fired in front of a house in the 6700 Block of 32nd Avenue NW. When they looked out their window, they saw a man standing in the middle of 32nd Avenue NW pointing a gun at the victim’s home. They then phoned 911 and reported that the suspect had now entered the victim’s home and closed the door.


Upon arrival, officers contacted the owner of the victim residence. Officers quickly located and arrested the suspect in the victim’s backyard and discovered that the suspect is the boyfriend of the homeowner’s daughter. The victim homeowner eventually allowed officers to check inside her home for any possible weapons and evidence. Once inside, officer’s quickly located a loaded and cocked 9MM semi-automatic handgun under the homeowner’s daughter’s bed (the daughter was not home at the time).  

Neither of the victims were injured and no property damage was discovered as a result of this incident.


The 29 year-old male suspect was booked into KCJ for Investigation  of Domestic Violence Burglary and Violation of Firearms Act.