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Shooting at 3rd and Seneca St.

At approximately 1219 p.m., today, 911 broadcast several reports of shots fired and a man down at 3rd and Seneca St. Officers arrived to find a male victim lying in the middle of the intersection. Officers were directed to the suspect’s location. The suspect, a female in her 30’s was in custody by an FBI agent who witnessed the shooting.    Patrol and bike  officers processed the crime scene for evidence and recovered the one shell casing from the suspect’s gun.  The suspect and the victim were in a minor verbal altercation on a Metro bus. When they exited the bus at the corner of 3 Av and Seneca St., the victim called the suspect a “bitch”. According to the suspect, the victim then “lunged” at her. The suspect told the victim that she was armed and aimed her gun at his head. The victim then “lunged” at the suspect again and was shot in the upper right chest by the suspect. The suspect stated that the victim had spit on her, but later could not recall if that was before she shot him or after.  The suspect was booked into KCJ for Inv. Assault.