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2-year old girl found wondering near 23rd and S . Graham St.

On 4/25/09, at 1035 p.m., a male called from a cell phone stating he was holding onto a 2- year- old female who he saw wandering around near 23rd and S Graham.  He waited for Police and turned over the very healthy and happy girl.  Officers combed the area for the guardians, but their efforts were fruitless.  At the S. Precinct, CPS was called to take custody of the child.  While waiting, dispatch was notified so that the 911 call-takers would know of our situation.  At 1205 a.m., the Grandmother of the girl called 911 and responded to the S. Pct to pick up her granddaughter.  The lady was grateful and relieved.  She stated the girl was staying at her home.   At bedtime they made a head check and came up one kid short. The girl had somehow opened a door and left the residence, which is located 2 blocks from where the male spotted her.