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Man robbed at gun-point

On 6/11/09 at about 6:30 p.m., the victim got off the bus and walked over behind Burger King in the 3400 block of 4 Ave S., where he was approached by two males who the victim had seen in the in the area before. The two males asked the victim if he had money for a six-pack of beer. The victim bought three beers and they went out back of Burger King and drank them.

Once the beers were gone, one of the suspects pulled out a black pistol and placed it under the chin of the victim and demanded that he give them his  money. The victim told the suspects that he did not have any more money. The suspects then made the victim empty his pockets. One of the suspects  put a gun to the back of the victim’s head and racked the slide.

The suspects went through the victim’s  pockets and found that he indeed didn’t have anything in his pockets of value other than a Metro transfer ticket. One of the suspects took the transfer ticket, while the other suspect  went through the victim’s backpack. The suspects then left on foot toward the bus stop at 4 Ave S/S Spokane St.

The victim called 911 and when officers arrived the victim pointed to the two suspects who were standing at the bus stop. The victim told officers that the taller of the two males with the cane was the one that put the gun to his head.  The two suspects were the only two people at the bus stop and matched the description given by the victim.  The two suspects were taken into custody and transported to the south precinct. Both suspects were subsequently booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Armed Robbery.