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Suspect arrested in Hillman City/Columbia City burglaries

South Precinct burglary detectives have arrested a sixteen-year old suspect in connection with a series of recent burglaries in the Hillman City and Columbia City neighborhoods.  All of these burglaries occurred within a few blocks of one another over a six day period.  On June 11th, officers responded to a burglary call in the 6000 Block of 48th Avenue South.  The suspect had stolen the victim’s vehicle, which was later found to be occupied by two suspects.  As officers attempted to pull over the stolen car, the driver fled from the vehicle.  On June 13th, the 16-year old suspect was arrested on an unrelated charge in the 5900 Block of 37th Avenue.   The arresting officer noticed similarities between this suspect and the suspect that had fled from the stolen car two days earlier.   The victim in an earlier occupied burglary positively identified the 16-year old from a photo montage as the suspect that was in her house.  Detectives contacted the suspect in the Youth Services Center and added the additional charges of Investigation of Burglary.  It is believed that the suspect is responsible for at least  three  burglaries in the 5900 Block of 37th Ave. S., the 6000 Block of 48th Ave. S., and the 5600 Block of 42 Avenue South.   The South Precinct burglary detectives will conduct the follow-up investigation.