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Three-year-old child found wandering the street

On 8/21/09, at approximately 9:00 p.m., officers responded to 9th W. and W. Galer to a call of a found child. Officers arrived and took protective custody of a young W/M, approx. 3 years old.  The child was wearing a blue sweatshirt, a diaper, pants and wool socks.  He appeared to be in good condition and was quite rambunctious.  The young boy was unable to provide any information to the officers.  The officers then activated their emergency equipment to draw the attention of the neighbors.  The officers canvassed the neighborhood attempting to locate the parents of this child.  The officers had no luck.  They returned to the west precinct with the child and notified 911 to contact them if the parents called. 

As of 11:00 p.m., the parents had not yet contacted 911 regarding this young child.  The child was turned over to a Child Protective Services Caseworker.  The officers returned to the area and continued their canvass in hopes of locating the parents.  At 11:40 p.m., 911 received a call from the child’s grandmother.  According to the grandma, the young boy was put to bed for the evening.  The grandparents then began to watch a movie.  During the movie, the boy was able to crawl out of his bedroom window (ground floor) and walk approx. 3 blocks before the complainant observed him.  After the movie was finished, the boy’s grandma went to check on him and discovered that he was gone.  She looked around the bedroom and found the open window.  She immediately called 911. 

Officers responded to the grandparent’s address and conducted an investigation.  CPS was notified and they responded to the location as well.  After an extensive interview, the boy was returned to the relieved grandparents.