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Vehicle vs. Pole Collision

On 10/8/09, at 10:00 p.m., officers  responded to Aurora Av N. Southbound near Garfield St. to a one vehicle vs pole collision. The female driver was seriously injured and transported to Harborview Medical Center.

It appears the vehicle lost control southbound Aurora Av N and spun around hitting a light pole behind the driver side door and ended up facing northbound on the sidewalk, knocking power lines down across both north and southbound Aurora Av N. 

Seattle Fire Department responded and pried the driver loose from her vehicle.  The driver initially stated there might have been up to 3 other passengers with her who ran off. 

An extensive search was conducted at the scene but no other passengers were located.  However, examining the vehicle closer it seems highly unlikely there were any other passengers.  It was a Saturn coupe and both doors were closed and damaged.  No witnesses saw anyone get out of the vehicle. 

Both directions of Aurora Av N were closed.  City Light responded and repaired the down power lines.  A DUI officer responded to Harborview Medical Center and conducted sobriety screening on the driver and signs of impairment were noted. However, toxicology results are pending.    On a side note: the female driver was nude from the waist down.  No pants or underwear were located at the scene.