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Fire survival and escape plans

Have a plan.

Make a plan for every room and every member of your home and workplace.

Mark two ways out of every room if possible.  Include windows.

Security Bars

Ensure security bars on windows have quick-release devices.

Bars need to be opened easily and quickly from the inside by everyone.

Make sure to practice opening them.

Have a Meeting Place

Pick a meeting place outside, well away from the building.

Do a head count at the meeting place to make sure everyone got out.

Call 911

Call 911 as soon as you are outside safely.

Once you are outside, stay outside.

Tips for a safe escape

If you see smoke, try another way out.  If you cannot avoid the smoke, crawl under it on your hands and knees.

Do not stop or go back for anything.  Possessions can be replaced.  You cannot.

Remember fire spreads quickly.  Get out fast and stay out.  Call 911 as quickly as possible.